Crocosmia Culzean Peach & Emberglow


Crocosmia Emberglow

Crocosmia Emberglow

IMG_03Crocosmia Culzean PeachCrocosmia Culzean Peach

My Crocosmias are in full bloom in the garden at the moment – Culzean Peach and Emberglow are looking particularly good! I also have Lucifer still in bloom!! These are cormous plants which should be grown in moisture retentive soil in full sun to part shade. Split and remove old corms every 3 or 4 years ( I generally just keep the top couple of corms and discard the rest) then replant with fresh soil to ensure a good display of blooms! Some grasses are also looking good – but I’ll leave that for another day as I’m a bit pushed for time.

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