Liriodendron tulipifera AGM

Liriodendron Tulipifera

Liriodendron Tulipifera

This beautiful tree has large tulip shaped leaves approx. 4 to 8″ long and wide which are bright green in colour, turning golden yellow in  autumn. It will take at least 15 years to produce its tulip shaped flowers. I grew this from seed approx 9 years ago and it has been in the ground for around 7 years now! Since planting one Autumn, I have read it prefers to be planted in Spring, in moist but well drained acidic soil – is also salt tolerant! Well this was planted in autumn, in exceptionally wet soil and it has thrived! It went in about 3 feet tall, so it hadn’t been kept in a pot for years and became too rootbound! This tree can grow to at least 90 feet – so is not really suitable for small gardens!

IMG_0386This is one of the raised beds to the right of the tulip tree, which I extended earlier on this year and put in more herbaceous perennials such as white Phlox paniculata, Verbascums, Scabiosas, Veronicas etc. I shall be extending again – hopefully in the next week or 2! The Buddleia Lochinch and the Sanguisorba go really well together and are a magnet for the bees and butterflies – these plants have been in for a few years now and are really well established – below is a photo of the same bed taken on the 19th of May 2013 –                   IMG_0220_1as you can see it was pretty bare then and the log roll looking too new, but that wont last long out here, its already fading fast! Once the geraniums and grasses start growing over the edge it will look so much better! I have yet to extend the shape – will make it more sinuous and curvy, once my helper comes back off holiday as he does all the heavy work for me and I get to do the good bits, like weeding and planting! I always like to bark mulch everything immediately after planting as it really does keep the weeds at bay! Bottom Picture is the rear side of same border – with Sedums, Crocosmia Emberglow on left and Crocosmia Lucifer on the right!


This blog or website wouldn’t be here without the help of Edward, owner of the Rowans garden who has been doing a lot of work getting this site set up for me, which I am starting to really enjoy – didn’t think I’d like doing the blog etc, but getting used to sitting down and plodding away. Please visit Edwards site and read all about his lovely garden – which is totally different to mine, but that’s good, as its nice to be able to compare and contrast the same plants in totally different sites and locations!

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