Euphorbia Griffithi Dixter

This is a lovely clump forming deciduous spurge with red stems and lovely orangey red blooms all summer through to Autumn. Be very careful when cleaning up and tidying around this perennial as it exudes a milky sap when foliage or stems get broken or crushed – some people can be allergic to the sap. As it tends to move around the garden it should really be split and divided on a regular basis. This is one of those hardy plants which wont normally survive the winter if kept outside in pots though! Will grow in any moist well drained soil, full sun to part shade!


Euphorbia Grif. Dixter

Astilbe Delft Lace – I came across this gorgeous Astilbe in a garden centre last year, and thankfully it survived our awful winter, even though it was not a large plant when put in the ground in Autumn! It has the most beautiful lacy foliage and red stems, with long blooming pink flowers. It’s been going for a couple of months now at least, and the foliage has turned a lot darker due to it being in full sun – another bonus – rabbit and deer resistant! Like most Astilbes it prefers a moist soil and full sun to flower profusely!

Astilbe Delft Lace

Astilbe Delft Lace


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Euphorbia Griffithi Dixter — 2 Comments

  1. What a lovely Astilbe, I’m very interested to hear that it is deer proof. This is a huge problem here in Devon so any suggestions for other deer unfriendly plants would really be welcomed. Down here they’ve even started eating Azalias for the first time,
    which is very disappointing.

    Congratulations on a fabulous collection of plants, though not in Scotland, I am a thousand feet up on Dartmoor, so growing conditions not too different from yours.
    Some hard winters and usually, lots of rain!

    • Hello Elizabeth, nice to hear form you! Shame about the deer problem – I can give you a list of some of the plants I have in the garden, which the deer can come into – we have put up extra high fencing all round but they come over the farm gate – thinking about adding a bit on top to try and stop them! If you can put up fencing it’s well worth it – we got 8′ posts from the local timber merchants for around £3 each and rabbit wire to pin onto – we already have a 3 to 4 foot fence around the garden – so just a case of adding to it! We do have around 1.5 to 2 acres, so cost us a bit, but well worth it. We don’t really see the deer in here in the summer, as dogs and myself are out – its winter that can be the problem! Another thing I’m doing – fencing off newly planted beds – keeps rabbits out too!
      Some of the plants I grow in these beds – Crocosmias, Buddleighs,Miscanthus, Calamagrostis, Hydrangeas, Philadelphus, Spireas, Euphorbias, Hemerocallis, Clematis, Honeysuckles, shrubby and climbers,Lysimachias,Hostas, Polygonatums, Sidalcea, Aquilegias, Potentillas, Digitalis, Monardas, Teuchriums, Sedums, Heucheras, Solidago, Veronicas – that’s probably enough for now i think!! Suppose the real problem is the young deer and rabbits – they’ll try anything once! there’s always somebody telling you one or anothr plant on the list shouldn’t be there! Let me know if you already grow any of the above anyway, and if the deer leave well alone. A lot of stuff will die back anyway so that will probably be the plants main protection! Cathy
      Some plants outsid

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