Red Squirrel Day

Spent some time this morning watching the red squirrels hopping in and out of the bird box we have on one of the birch trees in the garden! I’m always finding their stash of hazelnuts in pots of plants whether at ground level or up on shelves, and in all the borders round the garden! Well they do say that they tend to forget where they’ve buried around 50 % of them – probably very true! IMG_0410

This box has never been used by nesting birds, so it was just a thought to put nuts in to see if we could encourage the red squirrels to come in and feed.It took over a year before they found it, and now they are fed daily along with the rest of the birds! The woodpeckers and Jays pop in for nuts too, but they tend to get a bit of a surprise if the squirrel pops his head out and chases them off! Shall have to get a better camera to take clearer pics, as I take these from a distance!


IMG_0418IMG_0413 trimmed down squirrel

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