Persicaria ‘J S Caliente’

This is the Persicaria I exchanged with Cambo Gardens for pots of my Selinum Wallichianum. Caliente is Spanish for hot & warm! This has dark cerise bottle brush flowers over a very long period throughout summer into autumn. Any info. I’ve read says they prefer part to full shade, but mine grow perfectly happily in full sun, although I suspect the ever moist soil is the main reason for this! They will grow to around 2 and a half feet, which is a good mid border plant!

Persicaria J S Caliente

Persicaria J S Caliente

I have to admit I see very little difference in the colour of the various cerise to red varieties I have of Persicaria – unless they’re all the same variety but the wrong name applied when sold to me! This happens a lot unfortunately, and some people collect seed from named varieties and sow them – then sell them as the named variety – but a lot of plants must be split and divided or cuttings taken from the plant to enable you to name correctly! ( by vegetative means – which also includes grafting layering and from suckers – this is the term you will normally find in the gardening books!)  But I like to explain things in a much simpler way to encourage more people to try out these things and see how easy it is! When buying a specific named plant, from a nursery or garden centre, try and ensure it is in bloom, as a lot of labels get lost and mixed up, not necessarily by the growers, but people pick the labels out of pots and put them down in other pots or on the ground – I know as it happens to me all the time – so please beware!



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