Blairgowrie Market

I should have been at Blairgowrie Market yesterday, which would have been the last market of the season there, but unfortunately my van broke down! This is the first market I have missed in approx 11 years since it started, and I was so disappointed not to make it! I had spent the previous 2 days getting the plants ready and trayed up, fallen leaves out etc for all that work to be in vain! Worse still I had to sit and wait for 2 hours before the van was towed down to the garage, for the third time in only 6 weeks! Understandably I was furious, as the stall is already paid for in advance, and no potential income for the day either! Fingers crossed they shall  find the problem and have it fixed by next spring!! One IMG_0467can but hope! I thought I’d post a couple of pics of the plants which I had ready in trays – just to pretty up the blog! I hope to see all my lovely customers in Blairgowrie in April 2014.IMG_0458

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