Erodium manescavii

Erodium manescavii has to be one of my favourite plants! It will flower almost anywhere, from full sun to full shade, in any soil – moist or dry – and doesn’t even need to be deadheaded in order to keep on producing the lovely magenta/purple flowers! This normally starts blooming around May/June time here, and is still going strong now in October! The foliage is always lovely and green and healthy too!IMG_0292The flowers do of course resemble those of geraniums, which is the clue to the fact they are members of said family – Geraniaceae! Most of us who grow hardy Geraniums will know how tough they can be, and this family member is no exception! I like to grow this with Deschampsias (cespitosa ‘Pixie Fountain’ which will be available for sale next year) – lovely shorter growing grasses, as the flowers weave through nicely and show off the seed heads to their advantage – these grasses tend to flower in the summer months! Sorry no picture at the moment!

They are very hardy clump-forming perennials, which apparently can self seed, but they have never done so here! Maintenance of these plants is minimal, I dead head and clean up plants in late autumn or early spring – they repay you with at least 5 to 6 months of lovely flowers which will grow to approx 16″ x 16″ height & spread!

IMG_0291 Erodium manescavii

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