Carex secta var. tenuiculmis

IMG_0488As the sun was shining yesterday, I decided to take a few more pics. before the cold autumn nights set in and the garden goes back to sleep!This lovely bronzey, red sedge looks good most times of the year – think its one of the nicest forms I grow, and also extremely hardy! It is really happy in my moist heavy soil in full sun, but It will tolerate drier conditions, but won’t thrive quite as well. It looks really good later on in the evening when the sun is setting and shining through showing off the differing shades of reds and browns! It only grows about 14″ high by the same spread, and flourishes in full sun, but like most plants will grow in part shade.

This bed was just planted 2 years ago, and the Physocarpus op. ‘Lady in Red’ (large bronze/red shrub behind) is now starting to bush out really well – hopefully it will fill that corner in the next year or so!









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