Sedum ‘Frosty Morn’

IMG_0455 Sedum Frosty MornThis is a lovely Japanese Sedum, having pale green leaves with a creamy white edge and pale pink flowers late summer through to autumn! All sedums are loved by the bees and butterflies, and are a really good source of nectar at this time of year! These plants are extremely hardy, and although deciduous, they start growing very early in the spring, forming low mounds of waxy foliage, then increasing in size till they reach a height of around 2 feet. Plants will be more compact in very poor dry soils, but to stop plants becoming too tall and flopping over, all you need do is cut them back (or pinch with fingers) once or twice during the growing season to keep them bushy! This will delay the flowering  for a week or 2, but well worth it, plus you will have cuttings to swap with friends or to make more plants for yourself! Grow in full sun, in any soil!

These plants are also loved by the dreaded vine weevil, which lay their eggs in the pots of plants, and the creamy brown headed C grubs eat the roots! Always check for these grubs – tip plant from pot and if well rooted, and showing no signs of being eaten, then plant. If you happen to have weevil in the garden already, it is worth buying the nematodes which eat the weevil eggs – you should treat the ground and affected pots in both the Autumn and Spring time. Any good garden centre will sell these, plus you will be able to find suppliers online!IMG_0454 Sedum Frosty Morn

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