Autumn Sunsets (at their best)!

I’ve been too busy lately to write up any blogs, but as it is still very frosty outside, but sunny – thought I’d post a few pics of the setting sun. First pic was taken approx. 5 weeks ago, while I was out planting up a new extended flower bed. You get so engrossed digging and working that you forget to look up, and when I did, all I could see was the red glow, down the other end of the garden –

I was potting on bulbs and seedlings last week in the greenhouse – fan heater on to keep my fingers from freezing, and to defrost the compost, when once again the camera had to come out for another amazing sunset which you never tire of, no matter how often you see them – do you?IMG_0591IMG_0603


Ever felt you were being watched?

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