Bare Root Planting & Sunday Post Article – 19th January 2014

If any body out there gets the Sunday Post, you may well have come across an article about my new online business sending out plants by mail order (Sunday 19th January – Travel & Homes supplement). As this winter has been so mild, I’ll be able to send plants out a bit earlier than I expected, even though some shrubs etc, look like twigs and have little or no growth – so long as I know they are alive I can send out, otherwise I will hold on to them until I’m sure they’re okay!


Bare Root Geranium

Plants in pots and bare-root (Roses, Hedging etc) can be planted at any time of the year in the garden provided the ground isn’t frozen. Some people prefer to buy their plants early, and keep them in their pots in readiness for planting!

I’ve ordered a number of bare root roses for my garden, but I will pot them up and put them in my tunnel to get the roots growing and plant out nearer springtime, when I know where I might be putting them – I prefer to do this with most bare-root plants! I also tend to pot on plants I purchase in small pots (less than 1 litre) and double up the size of the pot – this ensures a much bigger root system and a better/bigger plant for the garden in its first year!

This bare root Geranium is being potted on into a 2 litre pot and filled with compost – make sure you fill the pot properly! (No gapsIMG_0764 ) I water the pots, but not too much to start off with as I want the roots to grow and fill the pot, and they need to search for the water – do not over-water – especially at this time of the year! I also find when potting up bare-root Geraniums it is best to have the head protruding a bit out of the pot. Saves it rotting! Let the pots dry out a bit before watering again.            It takes a little bit more time and patience with bare-root plants, but it’s a much quieter time of the year, so I think it’s worthwhile! By the time Spring comes around you’ll be pleased with the results! Remember to write the name on the plant label (Note to Self!).


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