Corylus avellana ‘Contorta’ AGM

This is a really hardy shrub, which will grow almost anywhere in any type of soil, but people either love or loathe it! I really like it during the winter and spring months when the contorted/twisted branches are seen at their best – especially once draped with numerous yellow catkins! (which of course can be used in flower arrangements)  This large shrub of mine is grafted, and I have to cut back all the straight sprouting branches from the bottom of the shrub in springtime!

The dark green leaves are large and crinkly, and I offset these by underplanting with white Kiwi Dianthus which bloom all summer through to Autumn!IMG_0796Contorted HazelThere is a lovely bronzey/red leaved version as well – Corylus Avellana Red Majestic! I’ve had one for a few years in a pot – it doesn’t seem to be growing at the same fast rate as the green version! So if you’re looking for a slow grower, this could be the one for you!IMG_0794Contorted HazelThis has been the first real snowfall of the winter here for us today, but it won’t last as it is just not cold enough, and the rain has just started! Dogs won’t be too happy!IMG_0789IMG_0785

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