Early Spring???

As our Daffodils and Narcissi have been forcing themselves through all that muddy ground of ours, has anybody else seen any in bud or bloom yet! It’s been such a mild and very wet winter here, but we had a bit of frost last night and a beautiful sunny and calm day today!   Just thought I’d cheer myself up with some of the Spring pics. from last year!IMG_0211This is the beautiful Anemone nemorosa Vestal, which I have planted in a raised bed on the North facing side of a trellis/pergola, which gives it the bit of part shade it prefers!IMG_0212Tulips, Trillium, Lamium and Cimicifuga (or Actaea as I think the names been changed) along with Narcissi and Solomons Seal above!Spring 2013

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