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Even though we haven’t had a day in the last 5 months or so where it hasn’t rained, the perennials, shrubs and trees etc are all showing signs of new growth and promises of lovely things to come! I’ve been too busy lately to post any blogs – Spring-time is manic, I’m busy re-potting and cleaning up the winter detritus!                                                         The Daffodils and Narcissi seem to be going on forever at the moment, which really cheers me up on these horrible grey days we have been having this last couple of weeks. This bunch of Daffodils under the weeping pear will have to be split after flowering, as they have become a bit too large and congested for the space!IMG_0864   IMG_0876

These lovely yellow Narcissi look really good with the bronze Carex.

 Primula Denticulata also looking good at the moment, especially when planted beside Daffodils and Narcissi!  IMG_0859 Drumstick PrimulaIMG_0871

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